2018-2019 Yearlong Teacher Educator Institute

Institute Goals

  1. Promote attention to integration of both teacher and student social-emotional skills development within ongoing courses/program.
  2. Provide understanding of, and ability to use Center for Reaching & Teaching the Whole Child (CRTWC)  7 Anchor Competencies Framework and Resource Guide to respond to new TPE’s, integrating SEL/CRT into course and fieldwork.
  3. Develop participants’ ability to use an “SEL/CRT lens” to guide their instructional practice.
  4. Provide resources created by CRTWC to integrate SEL/CRT into  participants’ K-8 teacher preparation programs.
  5. Provide strategies and support to institutionalize SEL/CRT into participants’ teacher preparation programs.
  6. Provide a professional learning community for faculty engaged in programmatic change and research.

Participants will be able to:

  1. articulate the connection between social-emotional learning, culturally responsive teaching , and academic achievement;
  2. explain how using an SEL/CRT lens is an academic intervention in support of common core/academic standards;
  3. create course/program modifications that integrate SEL/CRT, using resources (videos, case studies, teaching activities) created and provided by CRTWC;
  4. create a plan of action to encourage other faculty and supervisors to integrate SEL/CRT into their teacher preparation programs;
  5. provide professional development to Cooperating Teachers in SEL/CRT practices to link course and fieldwork;
  6. identify  programmatic “pressure points” that can support institutionalization of SEL/CRT practices into their teacher preparation program;
  7. assess the impact of their efforts to integrate SEL/CRT into their programs using assessment tools and an Observation Protocol developed by CRTWC; and
  8. use their work to develop research conference proposals and publications.

At the end of the year, each participating institution will be asked to provide the following as a contribution to the body of knowledge about integration of SEL/CRT in teacher preparation:

  1. revised course syllabi and/or program description of activities, assignments, assessments, and resources that support development of their teacher candidates’ SEL/CRT lens as part of their teaching practice; and
  2. a description of successes participants have in bringing SEL/CRT to their teacher preparation programs, as well as the challenges they encounter.

2018-2019 Yearlong Teacher Educator Institute Description may be downloaded here.

2018-2019 TEI Follow-up Survey for Fellows

2018-2019 TEI Follow-up Survey for Institutions