In response to COVID-19, CRTWC Teacher Educator Institute (TEI) will now be offered ONLINE! Registration deadline extended to April 17.

We are all going through a time professionally, personally, and in our communities, that none of us have ever experienced. It is bringing up feelings of overwhelm, fear, uncertainty and helplessness. Ironically, just when we need to come together, we are asked to engage in social distancing. Luckily we have the Internet!

During these trying times it is so important to bring together social-emotional learning and culturally responsive teaching practices to address the ever increasing systemic inequities.  It is critical to address the social, emotional, and cultural (SEC) competencies that are essential to maintaining the resilience and perseverance needed by ourselves as well as well as our teacher candidates, and the children with whom they work.

This yearlong online synchronous Institute will include:

  • 3 day online workshop –  June 17-19, 2020
  • 4 Zoom meetings (1 ½ hrs each) throughout the academic year
  • 2 day online workshop – June 17-18, 2021

You will develop your social, emotional, and cultural (SEC) lens by:

  •  building the professional learning community, that is so important to this work. 
  •  providing an in-depth understanding of the CRTWC Anchor Competencies Framework and accompanying resources, 
  • viewing  videos together and analyze case studies, 
  • having time for you to consider how the Framework and the SEC lens can inform your teaching, supervision, and credential program.  

This yearlong Teacher Educator Institute is offered at $2,200 per person and includes the following materials: 

Registration closed on April 17.