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National Teacher Educator Convening

With the generous support of HopeLab, the SJSU Collaborative for Reaching & Teaching the Whole Child (CRTWC) is sponsoring a national Teacher Educator Convening on June 3, 2016. It will focus on how to move social-emotional learning systemically and systematically into pre-service teacher preparation. Convening goals: bring together invited thought leaders and practitioners in teacher preparation programs in California, and other states that have already adopted SEL standards in teacher preparation, to listen to what they see as the needs and challenges of integrating SEL teacher dispositions and skill development at the pre-service ...

Nancy Markowitz, Wendy Thowdis, and Patricia Swanson Will Be Presenting at AACTE 68th Annual Meeting

AACTE 68th Annual Meeting will be held February 23–25 in Las Vegas. The conference theme is "Meeting the Demands of Professional Practice: Tough Questions, Tough Choices. Nancy Markowitz, Wendy Thowdis, and Patricia Swanson will be presenting "The Heart of the Matter: Integrating Social-Emotional Learning in Teacher Preparation and Evaluating Its Impact" on February 24th. In this interactive dialog session we will describe and provide opportunity for discussion of the results of Phase I of cutting edge work at a large state university that is focusing on integrating the Social-Emotional Dimensions of Teaching and Learning (SEDTL) into ...

A video message to support you over the holidays from the Devereux Center for Resilient Children

How to FLIP your Holiday Script Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-GWdxqKwYq4

Two Free Mindfulness in Education Films for the Holidays

Two Free Mindfulness in Education Films for the Holidays from Mindful Schools Room to Breathe explores the personal transformations that happen for students, their families, and educators as mindfulness is introduced in a truly challenging public school environment. By providing a raw and realistic look at the experience, it shows how integrating mindfulness, along with patience, skill, collaboration and more, can transform even the most difficult classrooms. Healthy Habits of Mind focuses on the value of mindfulness in the education system. Learn about the neuroscience, observe educator training, and watch the beauty of children practicing ...

Check out a new article from EdSource: There’s more to a ‘growth mindset’ than assuming you have it

There’s more to a ‘growth mindset’ than assuming you have it By John Fensterwald CREDIT: LINDA A. CICERO / STANFORD NEWS SERVICE Professor of psychology Carol Dweck talks about her research at a recent symposium on learning at Stanford. Stanford University psychology professor Carol Dweck coined the phrase “growth mindset” as the belief that you can develop your abilities, and then watched as the term took hold as a meme for motivation on playgrounds and in classrooms across America. Now she’s worried about its misapplication: Teachers who use growth mindset as a shorthand without understanding it; parents who attempt to teach a ...

How Does the Vagus Nerve Convey Gut Instincts to the Brain?

An interesting article from Psychology Today… How Does the Vagus Nerve Convey Gut Instincts to the Brain? https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/the-athletes-way/201405/how-does-the-vagus-nerve-convey-gut-instincts-the-brain

Check out new website… Mindful Schools


Growth Mindset Article from KQED: How To Weave Growth Mindset Into School Culture

How To Weave Growth Mindset Into School Culture KQED Article

WINGS for Kids Promotes Disney/Pixar film, “Inside Out”

WINGS for Kids is an organization which develops social & emotional skills through after school programs. They recommend seeing, "Inside Out," and described it as "a story focused on controlling emotions, empathy, personality traits, decision-making, self-awareness, and perseverance.  What a fun way to begin to understand the importance of social and emotional learning..." http://www.wingsforkids.org/

Education Week Webinar on Wednesday, Sept. 2, 2015, 2 to 3 p.m. ET.

Social-Emotional Learning: Systemic Innovation for Improved Outcomes Schools that explicitly teach social-emotional learning (SEL) create positive learning environments and see an average 11 percent increase in academic achievement. Austin Independent School District (ISD) has transformed its entire learning ecosystem through a districtwide commitment to SEL. National leaders in SEL will share the research case for SEL as a key to improved student outcomes, innovative strategies for best-practice SEL implementation and sustainability, effect of SEL on Austin ISD schools, and lessons learned while transforming schools ...

David Bornstein’s excellent essay on “Teaching Social Skills to Improve Grades and Lives.”

Enjoy reading David Bornstein’s excellent essay on “Teaching Social Skills to Improve Grades and Lives.” It appeared in New York Times at the following link: http://opinionator.blogs.nytimes.com/2015/07/24/building-social-skills-to-do-well-in-math/?_r=0

Kindergarteners with good social skills turn into successful adults, study finds

PBS News Hour: In a report released today, researchers found that kindergarteners’ social skills, like cooperation, listening to others and helping classmates, provided strong predictors of how those children would fare two decades later. Judy Woodruff speaks to Damon Jones of Pennsylvania State University about the findings. Newsflash: http://www.pbs.org/newshour/bb/kindergarteners-good-social-skills-turn-successful-adults-study-finds/