Conferences and Presentations



Markowitz, N., Thowdis, W., Swanson, P. (April, 2016). The Heart of the Matter: Integrating and Evaluating the Impact of Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Skills in Teacher Preparation. American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education 2016 ConferenceLas Vegas, Nevada.

Markowitz, N. and Thowdis, W. (March, 2016). Teaching with a Social-Emotional Learning Lens. California Character Education Conference, California State University, Fresno.

Markowitz, N. (October, 2015). SEDTL in Teacher Preparation Poster Session. California Council on Teacher Education Conference, San Diego, CA.

Markowitz, Nancy. (August, 2015). Sunnyvale School District Keynote Address, Bishop School Auditorium, Sunnyvale, CA.

Markowitz, Nancy (April, 2015). Teaching with an SEDTL Lens. SJSU Co-Teaching Project presentation. Presented at Santa Clara County Office of Education in San Jose, CA. (See presentation.)

Thowdis, Wendy (April, 2015). Social-Emotional Learning & PBIS: The Missing Link at the Second Annual Northern California PBIS/School Climate Symposium: Aligning Efforts to Create a Sustainable Positive School Climate. Presented at Santa Clara County Office of Education in San Jose, CA. (See presentation.)

Markowitz, Nancy, Michael Gallagher, & Christina Ballantyne (February, 2015). The Heart of the Matter: Social-Emotional Learning in Pre-service Teacher Preparation. Presented at Ashoka U Institute in Washington D.C. (See presentation.)

Markowitz, Nancy (April, 2014). Preparing the Next Generation of Teachers: What’s Possible in Teacher Preparation. Presented at the Massachusetts Association of Colleges of Teacher Education Conference in Sturbridge, MA.

Markowitz, Nancy (April, 2014). Integrating Social-Emotional Learning in K-8 Pre-Service Teacher Education: Processes, Products, and Outcomes. American Educational Research Association (A.E.R.A.) in Philadelphia, PA.

Markowitz, Nancy (March, 2014). Social Emotional Development and Collaborative Learning in the Early Years. Presented at the Silicon Valley Community Foundation PreK-3 Leadership Institute in Redwood City, CA.

Markowitz, Nancy, Patty Swanson, Jolynn Asato, and Denise Pacheco (March, 2014). Bringing Pre-service Teacher Preparation Up to Speed: Embedding the Social-Emotional Dimension of Teaching & Learning. Presented at the American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education in Indianapolis, IN.

Markowitz, Nancy (February, 2014). Social-Emotional Learning and the Common Core State Standards: A Perfect Fit. Presented at the Kids in Common Summit in San Jose, CA.

Swanson, Patty  &  Medoff, Lisa (May, 2013).  Emotional Awareness and Regulation in Mathematical Problem Solving. Presented at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association in San Francisco, CA.

Swanson, Patty & Medoff, Lisa (February, 2013). Quality Mentoring for Social and Emotional Learning: Bridging Pre-service Mathematics Training with Mentoring New Teachers. Presented at the 15th National Symposium on Teacher Induction in San José, CA.

Mena, Dolores D. (April 2012). Continuing the Dispositions Assessment Conversation. Presented at the Center for Reaching and Teaching the Whole Child Faculty Lunch’N Learn in San Jose, CA.

Medoff, Lisa (August, 2012). Teacher Resilience. Presented at the Principals’ Network Series in San Jose, CA.

Brennan-Marquez, Terese (March, 2012). Supporting Teacher Resilience in Working with Special Needs Students. Presented at the Principals’ Network Series in San Jose, CA.