SEDTL in Teacher Education

While there is compelling research connecting social-emotional learning with academic achievement, it has yet to translate into systemic change in the content of educator preparation and on-going professional development. CRTWC came into existence to address this gap. Attending to current brain research, we believe that including the social-emotional dimension in both the practice of teaching and the experience of learning develops more effective teachers, and students with the skills to remove their own barriers to learning. By developing a model for redesigning K-12 pre-service teacher preparation to include SEDTL, we are poised to have a deep and systemic impact on K-12 education in California and beyond. We intend for our work to first change teacher preparation practice at SJSU and then to influence the field of teacher education.

This chart provides an overview of some of the key components of our work in pre-service teacher education thus far. We are currently expanding our efforts to describe what a teaching lens that includes explicit development of both the social-emotional dimensions of teaching and learning and culturally responsive teaching practices looks like.

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