Advisory Committee

David Adams
Director of Social Emotional Learning
Urban Assembly

Ernest Black
Systemwide Director
CSU Office of the Chancellor

Suzanne Bouffard
Vice President, Publications
Editor, The Learning Professional
Learning Forward
The Professional Learning Association

Ann McKay Bryson
Manager of SEL Professional Learning

Michael Gallagher
Sunnyvale School District

Melissa Meetze-Hall
Administrator, Center for Teacher Innovation
School of Education, Educational Services
Riverside County Office of Education

Chi Kim
Chief Executive Officer
Pure Edge, Inc.

Ted Lempert
Children Now

Jake Shuler
Consultant in Teacher Preparation
at State of California Commission on Teacher Credentialing

Frederick Uy
Director, Educator Preparation
Co-Director, Center for the Advancement of Instruction in Quantitative Reasoning
Department of Educator Preparation & Public School Programs
CSU Office of the Chancellor

Vicki Zakrzewski
Education Director
Greater Good Science Center
University of California, Berkeley