What is SEDTL?

What we mean by the social-emotional dimension of teaching and learning…

In the process of examining how to embed the social-emotional perspective in teacher preparation we have come to realize that we must account for two aspects of our work that are distinctive:

  • We need to explicitly attend to both the teachers’ and the students’ social-emotional skills in order to explain what must be addressed in pre-service teacher education. Hence, we refer to the social- emotional dimension of teaching and learning (SEDTL), and
  • We are explicitly focused on bringing the social-emotional perspective into the on-going school curriculum rather than focusing on SEL programs that can be added to the school curriculum.

We take the approach of embedding SEDTL within the on-going curriculum for two reasons: first, to account for current economic and political circumstances, at least in the state of California, that do not provide the time or financial resources for additional SEL programs without external grants; and second, because we believe that including attention to the social-emotional lens of classroom practice in the content areas such as math, science, social studies, and literacy as well as general classroom management is an essential component of effective classroom practice, and student academic and life success.